Title: Reclame Aqui Awards 2018
Copywriter: Luiz Diniz
Storyboard: Pedro Dutra
Motion Designer: Bruno Fontenelle
This motion was developed to the Reclame Aqui Awards 2018, and the company was nominated as one of the best in the customer service category. The objective of this animation was to draw attention of TV viewers from the city of Assis to participate and vote.​​​​​​​
Title: Extended Warranty
Copywriter: Matheus Prado
Design and Motion: Bruno Fontenelle
In order to promote the campaign 'Extended Warranty', an animation was developed to explain and to encourage the sale of extended warranty with the air conditioners.
Title: Leveros's 40th anniversary
Design and Motion: Bruno Fontenelle
To celebrate Leveros's 40th anniversary, this emotional short-film was created, to be aired during the speech of the company's CEO. It was designed according to the brand manual, with graphic elements, colors and typography for this animation.
Design and Motion: Bruno Fontenelle
To explain what 'EBITDA' (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) is to the staff of Leveros, this animation was created to be broadcasted during the company's 40th anniversary event.